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Panama Volcan Red Trogan Washed

Origin Panama /

Altitude 1260 - 1500 meters /

Crop Year 2019 /

Varietal Caturra and Catuai /

Product Code 6655

About Panama Volcan Red Trogan Washed

The Red Trogon is coffee produced at Hartmann Estate which is comprised of the Caturra/Catuai lots with cupping scores below 85 points. Those lots are sold under the Red Trogon brand by Hartmann.

Hartmann Estate is owned by the Hartmann family. Mr Alois St Harman was born in Czechoslovakia in 1891 which he abandoned as a young boy during the first world war. Thanks to his mother he could hide in a ship that took him to Pennsylvania, USA, saving him from death, of which his two brothers did not escape death in combat during the war.

With some friends he visited Panama in 1911, he settled down the province of Chiriqui, specifically the Candela region, wherein 1912 he built the first cabin in virgin forest. Now, the estate still has nearly 100 hectares of forest bordering on the Parque Nacional de La Amista.

Today, the third generation of the Hartmann family represented by Mr. Ratibor Hartmann is running the business. Raibor Hartmann is one of five siblings that manage the farm. Each sibling is in charge of a specific operation on the farm.

Red Trogan is a solid blender, with sweet crispt acidity and notes of currants, cherry, plums and chocolate.

About Panama

Panama borders Colombia and Costa Rica. Panama’s coffee producing areas are located in the regions around one of the highest inactive volcanoes of Central America, the Volcan Baru, Boquete, Volcan, and Renacimiento. Panama has a very unique microclimate and its surrounding land is full of rich nutritional and fertile soils, making these highlands perfect conditions to cultivate and harvest a great variety of special coffees.