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Indonesia Sumatra Gunung Tujuh Washed

Altitude 1400-1600 mtrs /

Crop Year 2019 /

Varietal Andung Sari Sigarar Utang /

Product Code 6720

About Indonesia Sumatra Gunung Tujuh Washed

The coffees of Sumatra are primarily grown in the two provinces on the northern end of the island, Aceh and North Sumatra. The Gayo and Batak peoples have cultivated coffee for decades in these regions, but in recent times the Kerinci district in Jambi Province (bordering West Sumatra) has made great strides. A young generation of producers, driven by quality and motivated to innovate, have made Kerinci one of top producers of Indonesian specialty coffee. Our supplier, located in the Gunung Tujuh subdistrict, formed as a cooperative just a few short years ago. MTC’s role is to provide pre-finance, quality consultancy, and international marketing, while the cooperative continues to impress us with their steadily increasing quality and growth.

The main processing facility in Gunung Tujuh is supported by auxiliary processing sites in Kayo Aro and West Kayo Aro. Cherry is sourced from approximately 250 registered members and additional farmers are also allowed to deliver cherry but do not share in profits or have a voice in the annual meetings. The Kerinci volcano towers in the horizon, the tallest in Indonesia at 3800 meters. Rolling tea fields and vegetable farms dominate the landscape, with an increasing presence of coffee. In the distance lies the Kerinci National Park, home still to wild tigers.

This fully washed lot is sourced from Pauh Tinggi village and delivered to the cooperative facilities, where it is dried, milled, and hand sorted.