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Indonesia Aceh Mengaya Premium Grade Honey

Origin Indonesia /

Region Aceh /

Altitude 1200-1500mtrs /

Crop Year 2017 /

Product Code 5039

About Indonesia Aceh Mengaya Premium Grade Honey

This coffee is sourced from one of the most amazing locations at the very end of Lake Tawar in Aceh province. It is a long winding crawl both high in altitude and distance from the main highland village of Takengon. There are two ways of getting into Takengon, you can either try your luck on a 12 seater propeller plane which operates a couple of times a week and might not always get you on the ground due to cloud cover in Aceh; OR you can catch an overnight bus through the windy and narrow roads of the Acehnese highlands. Either way it’s a surreal experience and when you finally get there you’re taken away by the unexpected beauty of this remote region of Indonesia.

Our partners at CV Yudi Putra have a mill just outside of Takengon in Bender Meriah, this is where all this coffee is processes. CV Yudi Putra have a very diligent partner in Aceh, Mr. Ekka who works with a collector in an exclusive arrangement in this very remote micro-region of Aceh. All of our coffees that are coming out of Sumatra are Triple Picked year’s lot we had triple picked in the dry mill of our export partner in order to get it even cleaner than previous seasons. We’re really happy with the improvements to the cup this season.

This particular lot is reminiscent of the old style Mandheling- full body, some earthy undertones, but MUCH cleaner, with real upfront sweetness and some nice pointed acidity. This one will surprise you, it has enough clarity to be used for a filter but equally enough depth for Single Origin espresso and blending purposes, a real stunner.

About Aceh

The Aceh region of Northern Sumatra did not develop a coffee industry until the start of last century, where smallholder production and expansion into the forest areas quickly grew. In Aceh, coffee is the second most valuable agricultural export earner, where there is an estimated 60,000 smallholder farming families with an average size farm of 1-2hectares. A 2006 UNDP report, suggests that more than 84,000ha’s of coffee is planted throughout the Central Aceh & Highland regions, however as little as 44,000ha’s is in production with the balance requiring either replanting or regeneration.

Almost all of the coffee produced in the region is the higher quality Arabica variety; the industry produces an estimated 30,000tons annually with an FOB value of US$100 million, with approximately 70% paid to downstream processors, middlemen & growers. As a result of the low yields and limited supply, coupled with high demand, Aceh coffees are sold at premiums of between 25-35% above commodity price


April 20, 2016

General Comments: Bright lemon acidity, ripe berries with a light honey sweetness.