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Ethiopia Guji Haro Danse Natural

Origin Ethiopia /

Altitude 1900 - 2300 masl /

Crop Year 2018 /

Varietal Mixed Heirloom Varieties /

Product Code 5569

About Ethiopia Guji Haro Danse Natural

Ato Tsegaye built his first washing station in the Kercha woreda of Guji over 15 years ago and consistently produces top quality. Since that time he has gained a wealth of experience and continues to refine processes and build capacity. An additional two washing stations and multiple sites dedicated to producing stunning naturals dried on raised beds have been built in recent years. The locations are prime and among the highest elevation areas of cultivation in Ethiopia. The areas of production include Guji -Kercha, Birbisa Kojowa, Hambela, and Yirgacheffe - Gedeb. Station managers are experienced and focused on procuring ripe cherry and processing to high standards and this year in partnership with MTC we have now started working on kebele (village) level separations of cherry for smaller lots and increased opportunities for distinguishing exceptional coffees through batching and quality control. Ato Tsegaye owns and operates a dry mill in Addis Ababa which provides him with full control through export and consults extensively with our cuppers to ensure quality. This particular lot is from the Haro Danse village of Kercha and raised bed natural processed at the Ketuma site.

About Ethiopia

Known as the birthplace of coffee, many are familiar with the legend of Kaldi, the goat herder, who ate a coffee cherry after noticing that his goats became remarkably more excited after eating them. Today, Ethiopia produces some of the finest coffees in the world, adored for their diverse and floral flavours.

MTC Sucafina’s history in Ethiopia began over 20 years ago through an international brokering house. Much more recently, in January 2016, we fully opened our Representative Office in Addis Ababa. Since then, in a short period of time, the operation has become an integral part of our East African coffee offerings, allowing us to export these special qualities to clients all over the world.

Having a local presence allows us to select the best lots from the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX), exporters, cooperatives, and producers. We take a collaborative approach with shippers who are thoroughly vetted by the office, led by Adane Gudina.