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Ethiopia Duromina Washed

Origin Ethiopia /

Region Limu /

Altitude 1800-2000 masl /

Crop Year 2017 /

Varietal Mixed Heirloom Varieties /

Product Code 4268

About Ethiopia Duromina Washed

Duromina is located in southwest Ethiopia’s Oromia state, Jimma zone, and Goma woreda. It is 65 km from the town of Jimma, and 25 km from the closest major town of Agaro.

The Cooperative services producers of one small area (Kebele) called Boto which consists of approx. 1660 residents. The farmers of Duromina grow coffee to generate most of their income, and they also cultivate various food crops and raise animals to further supplement that income.

With roughly 730 ha dedicated to coffee, the wet mill processes around 300,000kg of red cherry coffee per season. Farmers cultivate their coffee in small homesteads and on hillsides under the shade of dense canopies provided by indigenous Acacia trees. There is no use of agrochemicals for their coffee, making it completely natural. The wet mill receives water primarily from a nearby uncontaminated river by gravity. The pulp created during processing is mixed with soil to create compost and be used as fertilizer.

Of the member’s area roughly 730 ha are dedicated to coffee cultivation. Duromina began receiving support from TechnoServe in 2010 whereby they are given technical support and business advice in order to better their business practices, increase production and coffee quality.

These tools allow Duromina farmers produce high quality coffee and earn larger incomes in order to fight off the conditions of poverty. TechnoServe directly works with farmers to better their market chain through their service provider, the Oromia Union, and connect them with international buyers. The cooperative built the mill with local resources and has paid off their entire loan and is now making decent profit.

The name Duromina means “improve their lives” in the Affan Oromo language.

About Limu



May 30, 2017

General Comments: Full bodied cup of mango, peach ice tea, camomile & delicate florals.