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Colombia Tolima Planda La Orquidea FTO Washed

Origin Colombia /

Altitude 1700-2200 masl /

Crop Year 2018 /

Varietal Castillo Caturra Colombia F8 Tabi /

Product Code 6201

About Colombia Tolima Planda La Orquidea FTO Washed

Planda La Orquidea was born from the nonconformity of frustrated farmers to sell their main product at a low cost, generating losses. With the project in mind to be benefited with a fairer trade and an idea to improve the quality of life of many families of coffee growers, 10 enterprising farmers from Planadas, Tolima created Asoprocafees finalizing the year 2014. The idea was gaining strength and it was joined by 20 more coffee growers, forming a total of 30 associates with whom this great project of socioeconomic improvement was launched. Today the group already has 58 coffee growers committed to quality and sustainable production.

About Colombia

Colombia is one of the biggest coffee producing countries in the world, along with Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 1800s. The Colombian Coffee Federation has done a commendable job in promoting the specialty coffees of Colombia. Colombian coffee beans are rich in flavour, heavy bodied, has a bright acidity, and is intensely aromatic.

Colombia have wonderful climate which allows it to produce great coffee all year around. Due to volcanic mountains the climate in Colombia is stable.


May 20, 2019

General Comments: Soft body with clean vibrant aroma. Notes of caramel, chocolates, toffee, cocoa