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Brazil Sul Minas Ouro Fino

Origin Brazil /

Altitude 1 100 mals /

Crop Year 2019 /

Varietal Catuaí Amareloand Mundo Novo Catuaí Vermelho /

Product Code 6817

About Brazil Sul Minas Ouro Fino

This is a regional blend from the Ouro Fino region of Sul Minas in Brazil. Growing in the highlands and mountain ranges, the region is ideal for planting. The average altitude of 1,100 m provides conditions to produce high-quality coffee through natural process as required by the special coffee standards. The coffee varieties found in the Ouro Finoarea are Catuaí Vermelho, Catuaí Amareloand Mundo Novo. Sul Minas is the biggest region for Arabica coffees in Brazil. The region can be accessed through the port of Santos. Coffee from this region is known for its chocolaty round flavour. This is a stable, balanced and good value coffee. For harvesting, cherries are picked with handheld machines over cloth. These machines help greatly in reducing the intensity of the harvesting work, and increases productivity. Nowadays, the technology is so greatly refined that it allows for precise harvesting, without damaging the tree. The cloth spanned in between the trees prevents cherries falling to the ground, which would attract insects.

Harvest from August through to September.

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About Brazil

Coffee was bought to Brazil in 1727 from French Guiana, by Captain- Lieutenant Francisco de Melo Palheta. Legend has it, that Francisco de Mello charmed the French governor’s wife and she buried coffee seeds in a bouquet of flowers and that is how the cultivation of coffee began.

Today, Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and is becoming a major player in the specialty coffee industry.

Coffee farms in Brazil are run as small estates, called ‘Fazendas de Cafe’. The vast majority of coffee farms are found in the regions of Paraná, Espirito Santos, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Bahia. Each of these growing regions, produce their own distinct coffees.

Brazil produces many varieties of coffee known as, Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, and Mundo Novo, and about 80% of coffee produced is Arabica. Coffee in Brazil is processed by the wet (washed), dry (natural), and semi-washed (pulped natural) methods.

Coffee in Brazil has generated wealth and stimulated the growth of all agricultural and industrial sectors. It has brought to Brazil many economic, social and political changes in all states, and continues today to be one of the most important products in Brazil.