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Honduras Merendon Finca El Cimarron Washed

Origin Honduras /

Altitude 1000 - 1400 masl /

Crop Year 2019 /

Product Code 6694

About Honduras Merendon Finca El Cimarron Washed

The Rodriguez brothers are the second generation running their family farm, El Cimarron. Coffee is picked by hand and is done during the day and the end of it de-pulping process is applied followed by fermentation process in concrete piles for about 14 hours.   For drying, once coffee has achieved optimum fermentation point, coffee is dried in “guardiolas” at a controlled temperature of 50°C. Drying process can take up to 36 hours to ensure a homogeneous drying, which help to preserve quality of the beans.

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About Honduras

Honduras is a small, beautiful country at the heart of Central America. Its location and terroir are ideal for growing coffee, in fact, it’s the world’s fifth-biggest producer by volume. Coffee leaf rust hit Central American farmers hard in 2012-13, forcing many to consider the high cost of replanting, abandoning coffee altogether, or heading north to recapitalize their farm operations. 2019 is the first year MTC will work with Honduras, we are excited about the coffees currently available.