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Guatemala La Cumbre Estate Pacamara

Origin Guatemala /

Region New Oriente /

Altitude 1200-1450 meters /

Crop Year 2010/11 /

Varietal Pacamara /

Product Code 642

About Guatemala La Cumbre Estate Pacamara

Another beautiful Pacamara from the New Oriente Region.

Below are some characteristics of La Cumbre Estate

Single Estate name: La Cumbre

Owner: Walter Lemus

Year of foundation: 1990

Region: New Oriente

Micro-region: Ecarrizal

Altitude: 1200-1450 meters

Total Rain per year: 1800-2000 milimeters

Fermentation Method: Natural in fermentation tanks

Variety: Pacamara

Drying Method: Sun-Dried and Rotary dryer

Use of Shade: 100% Shade-grown

Flowering Period: April-May

Harvesting Period: December-March

About New Oriente

New Oriente is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in Guatemala. In the 1980s, responding to the increasing demand for specialty coffee, the region took off. One of Guatemala’s poorest and most isolated areas historically, the region is now growing rapidly and small estates are beginning to cultivate coffee across the entire region. New Oriente is cloudy and rainy in climate, similar to Coban. Located over what was once a volcanic range, its soil is made from metamorphic rock. This makes it balanced in minerals and very different from Guatemala’s volcanic regions, which have all seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted.