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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Wako Aba Grade 1 Natural

Supplier Lalisaa Project /

Altitude 2150 masl /

Crop Year 2019 /

Varietal Mixed Heirloom Varieties /

Product Code 6737

About Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Wako Aba Grade 1 Natural

Ethiopia and coffee share a long history. It was here where the now-famous beans were first discovered over 2,500 years ago and ever since coffee has entwined itself into the very fabric of Ethiopian culture. Served fresh on every street corner and a focal point of social gatherings, coffee, or buna (bu-na) as spoken here, is revered and for good reason.

This natural coffee is produced by Wako Aba who used to keep bees as the main source of income. He then switched to coffee production in order to make more money. His coffee farm was established in 1998. His family has a long history of growing coffee like many other coffee farmers in Ethiopia. The knowledge behind coffee production was passed down from generation to generation.

He is hoping that by joining this project he will be able to access the market directly and build long-lasting relationship. This coffee dried on African raised beds made from bamboo and takes about 30 days to dry.

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About Lalisaa Project

Lalisaa is a term used to describe something that is flourishing and growing. Historically, a majority of Ethiopia’s coffee producers have not been able to enjoy a direct relationship with the buyer of their coffee. This lack of transparency and equitable trade structure left most farmers with no incentive or know how to develop their crop, despite having the world’s most diverse and distinct coffee.

Due to recent changes in regulation, even the little guys can directly export their coffee to foreign markets and with Ethiopia’s staggering levels of varietal diversity, we believe that new amazing coffees are just waiting to be discovered. We have partnered with several washing stations and farmers to create truly transparent and sustainable supply chains. Sucafina Ethiopia provide training on agronomy best practices and help organize farmers into groups to wean them off the need of intermediaries in the field so they can deliver directly to the washing or drying stations. In addition to the farmer training we provide training at the washing and drying stations to ensure the farmers’ hard work is processed perfectly.

We have launched a pilot of the Lalisaa Project near Shakiso, Guji, where we have partnered with six coffee mills. This region receives ample rainfall and is marked by steep mountainous terrain. Perfect conditions to support the vast array of coffee found here. Only recently have Guji coffees been distinguished from neighbouring Sidamo and Yirgacheffe producing areas. Due to their immense quality and unique profiles however, they are quickly gaining international recognition.