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Ethiopia Tade GG Grade 1 Natural

Origin Ethiopia /

Region Guji /

Altitude 1850-1950 masl /

Crop Year 2019 /

Varietal Mixed Heirloom Varieties /

Product Code 6641

About Ethiopia Tade GG Grade 1 Natural

This coffee is grown in the Oromia region, one of Ethiopian’s largest specialty coffee growing producers. The farm is located in Shakisso (Guji Zone), which is in the Southern part of Oromia.

Tade GG is a private farm, owned by a gentleman named Tesfaye Bekele. The farm is 221 hectares in area and lies between 1,850 and 1,950 meters above sea level. The landscape is characterized by sharp and rugged hills, ridges, plateaus, valleys and flats, creating a stunningly dramatic setting for coffee production. The regions’ volcanic soil bursts with nutrients, creating a deep red and brown top-layer of soil. Shakisso’s high altitude and dry weather allow for cherries to develop very slowly.

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About Guji

The coffee growing region of Guji once was included in the Sidama designation, but in the year 2015 was recognized and separated as a distinct zone by the ECX. The merit for this new classification lies in the unique high quality of coffees from Guji, which include the woreda of Oddo Shakiso, Addola Redi, Uraga, Kercha, and Bule Hora.
Larger private farms are becoming more commonplace in Shakiso, which also happens to be a hotbed of mining for precious metals.

Many of MTC’s longest standing relationships are in Guji.