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Burundi Kayanza Ngoma Yeast Oro

Origin Burundi /

Altitude 1774m /

Crop Year 2019 /

Varietal Red Bourbon /

Product Code 6814

About Burundi Kayanza Ngoma Yeast Oro

The history of this region is what makes Yandaro station’s location so fascinating and rather crucial in the eventual progress of Burundi. Yandaro is the name of the accommodating hill and also of the small river which leads to the Congo Nile, the source of which is found in the mountain known as Mugongo. The station is also close to Burundi’s Kibira national park. Now, Yandaro is located in the commune of Kabarore which is a region of great importance with regards to the old royal battles between Burundi and Rwanda. The word “kabarore” is the name of a lookout tower which was used by Burundians to scout the enemy during their time of conflict which occurred until the Belgians arrived. The Belgian leaders arranged to meet with Princes from both Rwanda and Burundi in order to negotiate peace terms and resolve conflict between the two nations however, there is some deception involved. The Burundian prince spent time in Europe as part of his studies and learnt French which the Rwandan Prince could not speak. Prince Baranyanka of Burundi then proceeded to lie about the border allocations the Belgians had agreed upon when translating to the Rwandan Prince and managed to secure more land for his nation in the areas where fighting took place.

The Oro yeast process has a lot of similarities with the Fully Washed one. The particularity of the Oro yeast process is the use of yeast in the fermentation tanks, which are airtight. For this process, the period of fermentation is also much longer (36 hours vs 12 hours for Fully Washed coffees). This yeast, which we buy from the French company Lalcafé, intensifies the flavour of the coffee beans, enhancing its character. We have been buying two different yeasts from Lalcafé for the past years (Cima and Intenso) and this year we also have started experimenting with the new Oro flavour, which we find exceptional and with a lot of potential.

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About Burundi

Coffee was introduced to Burundi by Catholic Monks from the small island of Reunion in the 1930’s. Most popular variety is Bourbon, however other varieties are grown including Blue Mountain. The crop is exclusively grown by smallholders, which are grouped into farmer associations called Sogestals.

Due to the age of the trees and the variance in rainfall, there is a huge amount of fluctuation in coffee production. On average the crop is around 20,000MT. All of the the trees are Arabica, with around 70% processed as fully washed. There was an attempt to introduce Robusta in Burundi by establishing a large plantation, however this was destroyed during the times of civil was and rebellion towards the end of the 20th century.