MTC Group is a boutique International specialty coffee importer and trader with direct relationships at origin, working at producer and mill level to source and improve coffees at the farm gate. We are a passionate team of specialty coffee professionals based in the Asia Pacific region out of our multiple offices in Sydney, Auckland, Seoul and Hong Kong.

MTC originally evolved out of the successful Australian coffee plantation Mountain Top Estate. We no longer run the farm, as our importing and trading operations have grown to encompass a much more global focus. With the firm grounding we had for over a decade as producers ourselves, we are now expanding upon the knowledge, skills and lessons learned over the years by working directly with other producers around the world.

Buying and Quality
Across MTC’s network of offices and at origin, we have a dedicated and experienced buying and quality assurance team. At origin, we visit regularly and work with our producer and exporter partners face to face. We travel multiple times a year across East Africa, Central America, Brazil, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and China, with more producer and origin partners being added to our network every year. At home, we have a strict set of quality assurance measures in place to underpin and inform our buying program. We cup every day to ensure we only buy and develop the best coffees possible for our clients.

Communication and Partnerships
Communication is key and vital to our work. We strive to constantly improve our communication of quality right through our supply chains, by working with our clients and origin partners in a tailored approach. From the micro roaster wanting to buy 1 bag, to the multi-container roaster, we aim to understand closely what our client’s needs are, and in turn source the best coffees for them. Through this process we provide a valuable link from roaster to producer and an important feedback loop between all parties. Our clients not only gain access to great coffees, but are actively involved and educated about our suppliers, production and the complexities of origin. Our origin partners do not only have the opportunity to open markets for their coffees, we aim to support them in understanding and improving quality, and to keep up with the often changing preferences of their valuable international markets. We don’t like to cherry pick, we prefer to work long term with origin partners who want to work with us closely to develop and maintain strong brands for their coffee.

In many instances we have development projects with small producer groups where we work on quality improvements in production, processing, drying or sometimes just a simple linkage with the specialty coffee market by providing feedback between producer and roaster.

Right now, we have projects with individual villages and small producers in Aceh, Sumatra, Java, East Timor, Sulawesi, Flores, PNG and China. The bulk of our efforts in these regions involves working directly with producers and exporters, in order to make significant quality improvements on the ground. This means we are able to be directly involved in assisting and promoting higher quality production practises, and in turn source the absolute best coffees available from these regions.

Our Portfolio
At the moment, we work with specialty grade traceable coffees from single estates, washing stations, cooperatives and traceable regional blends from the following origins

El Salvador
Costa Rica
Papua New Guinea
the Indonesian origins of Aceh, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi & Flores
and most recently East Timor

We are a small specialty importing and trading company, but would like to think of ourselves as your green coffee sourcing solution!

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.